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Center for Performing Arts (CPA)


This Center is established to support a holistic development of students’ creativity and artistic talents. In the modern digital world, activities devised by this Centre is a therapy to reduce the stress among the students, this Centre focuses in diverting the students’ mind in a productive manner. The Centre activities support in the development of intellectual, emotional and moral development of the students.


S. No. NameDesignationNature
1Mrs. J. Anitha Assistant Professor Commerce Coordinator
2Ms. Jenifer Steffi Assistant Professor Mathematics Member
3Ms. R. Rethiga Assistant Professor Tamil Member
4Ms. T. Poongodi Assistant Professor Social Work Member
5Ms. A.V. Devika Assistant Professor Psychology Member
6Ms. Krishna Priya P B Assistant Professor Visual Communication Member
7Mr. Nandakumar M Assistant Professor Visual Communication Member
8Mr. Kaviyarasan D Assistant Professor Visual Communication Member

Functions of CPA

  • Identifying the talents of the students at the commencement of the first-year classes
  • To explore the talents of students in dance, Music, Rangoli, Photography, Drawing, Speech, Poetry Writing, Debate, Interior Design and etc., 
  • Organizing Flash Mob during important day celebrations
  • Encourage students to participate in Inter/Intra collegiate cultural competitions 
  • The clubs of Music, Drama, Debate, Rangoli, Photography, Interior design and Drawing activities will be monitored by CPA

 Tenure: 2 Years 

Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.