Centre for Counseling and Guidance (CCG)

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The objective of this Centre will provide care and support for students in their personal/social, academic, and career development. This Centre will prepare an individual into a confident, challenge-taking, responsible, and mature individual, who can fit into business and professional atmosphere.


  •              Name
  •              Designation
  •              Nature
  • Dr. D. Kokila
  • Head, Department of Social Work
  •              Convener
  • Ms. T. Poongodi
  • Assistant Professor Social Work
  •              Member
  • Ms. Devika AV
  • Assistant Professor Psychology
  •              Member
  • Ms. Midhila
  • Assistant Professor Psychology
  •              Member
  • Dr. Shobana S
  • Department Commerce and Management
  •              WECC Member                                                                               
  • Dr.G.M.A.Christy
  • Head of the Department English
  •              ICC Representative

Functions of CFD

  • To help the learn more about themselves & their present & possible future situations to make a substantial contribution to the society.
  • To help an individual of any age, to direct his own life, develop his own point of view, make his own decision & carry his own burden.
  • To help individuals understand themselves in relation to the world.
  • To help individuals for proper selection of career and to motivate them for higher studies.
  • To provide Individual Consultation, Crisis Intervention, Group Counselling, Psychiatric Services
  • To conduct awareness program on mental health as 0utreach activities to rural people.
  • To provide Gate Keeper's Training, Workshop, After Hour Services.
  • Regular seminars/workshops for all stakeholders on human development and personality development and management of problematic.

      Tenure    : 2 Years

      Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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