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The Department of Psychology will be established in the next academic year 2021-22. The department will offer an undergraduate program to instil confidence amongst the students to make themselves experts in the field of human behaviour. 

Psychology is an ever-changing panorama of people and ideas. It offers a vast store of information about issues that concern everyone. These issues range from broad social questions, such as how to reduce the prevalence of mental illness, to highly personal questions, such as how to improve your self-esteem. In a sense, psychology is about you and me. It’s about life in our modern world. As a subject dealing with mind and behaviour, it finds applications across all dimensions of life. Nowadays, psychology in India is gaining importance, and its demand is on the rise.


To nurture empathy, scientific temper, intellectual curiosity, and ethics in young minds to produce professionally sound individuals who are capable of bringing about change in the society.


  • To cultivate rational and critical thinking amongst students.
  • To raise the importance of mental health.
  • To promote collaborative, and harmonious learning inclusive of diversity.
  • To think beyond the classrooms by initiating socially responsible endeavours.
  • To influence, direct and support ground-breaking academic research that will contribute to the societal development.


The department will offer BSc Psychology course with an annual intake of 30 students.


  1. To provide students to gain knowledge about the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  2. To impart active learning principles and encourage students to pursue active learning principles in other fields (clinical, education, research, human resources, etc.).
  3. To give comprehensive training to understand and apply various inquiry skills and integrate research and scholarly activities into their academic and career development.
  4. To demonstrate an effective communication skill with a professional convention in psychology to facilitate optimal human functioning.
  5. To support students to cultivate skills to integrate scientific principles and knowledge with professional practice to more effectively address the needs of individuals, families, groups, and society.


  1. Able to demonstrate substantial knowledge and competence in the extensiveness in the field of psychology.
  2. Able to understand psychology as an applied discipline and to recognize the unique features of the methods in psychology and its place in the broader field of scientific studies.
  3. To develop as an effective trainer, consultant, therapist, and collaborator to build an advanced competence work system.
  4. To exhibit the ability to appreciate others’ culture, values, and background, follow the ethics, and work constructively with the team as a professional.
  5. To acquire a specific skill and content, with high self-reflective, and create a meaningful professional direction for the life.


  1. Students will be able to understand the theories, major concepts, and underpinning mechanisms, which explain human thought and behaviour, pertain to a specific and larger context.
  2. Students will also be well-versed in conceptualizing the issues, evolving appropriate techniques/strategies. Monitoring the progress and outcomes across the different work settings (clinical, education, research, human resources, etc.)
  3. Students will be able to comprehend and apply basic research methods in psychology to conduct, adopt the appropriate design, analysis data, and interpretation.
  4. Students will be able to well articulate the implications of evidence-based practice to facilitate the functioning of the individual, group, and the community.
  5. Students will be able to locate, evaluate, and apply psychological information that strengthens the individual, group, community and build public policies.

Faculty Details

Devika A V


Assistant Professor

Specialized in Clinical Psychology 

Email id: devika.sms@cherancolleges.org


Midhila Radhakrishnan


Assistant Professor

Specialized in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Email id: midhila.sms@cherancolleges.org

Contact details              

Department of Psychology

S.M.S College of Arts and Science

(Affiliated to Bharathiar University)

Perur Main Road, Coimbatore – 641010

Tamil Nadu, India

Email id: psychology.smscas@gmail.com 

Phone No: 0422-2982266, 2983366, 2984466