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The Department of Mathematics was established as an allied department in the year 2000 and has established as a major department in the year 2003 – 2004. The course Mathematics with Computer Application was started in the year 2003-2004 with the objectives of inculcating the fundamentals of Mathematics along with Computer Applications.

The department attracts high quality students and has an impressive placement record. The Mathematics program aims to prepare and equip the students effectively in solving higher aptitude problems and master the basic concepts of the subjects.

The Department aims at making the learning process a celebration by facilitating the students to solve issues of concern in the society through synergetic applications of the principles of Mathematics and Computer Applications.


The long term vision is to be an internationally leading Mathematics department that will offer innovative educational programmes in Mathematical Sciences and their applications in science and technology.


  To create an environment that will identify, nurture and encourage mathematical intelligence.

  To enhance use of mathematical knowledge readily for problem solving, exploring all subjects by proper understanding of       the mathematical content with various  possible representations.

  To improve the skills of Students in Practical Applications and Life Skills by means of a close and continuous monitoring of       their progress through the course.

HOD Profile

The department of Mathematics is headed by Mr. J.Ganesh Sivakumar who has 22 years of teaching experience. He is an alumnus of PSG College of Arts and Science. He has published many research papers in National and International journals. He has also attended State, National Seminars and Presented Papers.

He has attended UGC Sponsored REFRESHER COURSE and ORIENTATION COURSE. He has also attended “INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH INNOVATIONS IN SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, and MANAGEMENT & HUMANITIES held at MALAYSIA. He has gone to various colleges to give Guest Lecture. He is a recognized guide for M.Phil Research programme. His areas of interest are Operations Research and Real Analysis and have guided around 10 students for M.Phil degree.

He has received awards from management for producing 100% results. He is a member of Mathematics valuation Board of Bharathiar University., Also acts as a member of Question Paper setter and Examiner for various Autonomous Colleges and Universities in Tamilnadu. He holds the responsibility of Convener of Examination committee in SMS College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B.Sc. Mathematics (C.A) program describes accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation.

  • PEO1
  • Acquire knowledge in functional areas of Mathematics and apply in all the fields of learning.
  • PEO2
  • Recognise the need for lifelong learning and demonstrate the ability to explore some mathematical content independently.
  • PEO3
  • Employ mathematical ideas encompassing logical reasoning, analytical, numerical ability, theoretical skills to model real-world problems and solve them.
  • PEO4
  • Develop critical thinking, creative thinking, self confidence for eventual success in career.
  • PEO5
  • Analyze, interpret solutions and to enhance their Entrepreneurial skills, Managerial skills and leadership.
  • PEO6
  • To prepare the students to communicate mathematical ideas effectively and develop their ability to collaborate both intellectually and creatively in diverse contexts.
  • PEO7
  • Rewarding careers in Education, Industry, Banks, MNCs and pursue higher studies

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of B.Sc.Mathematics(C.A) program, the students are expected to.

  • PSO1
  • Maintain a core of mathematical and technical knowledge that is adaptable to changing technologies and provides a solid foundation for extended learning.
  • PSO2
  • Identify the applications of Mathematics in other disciplines and society.
  • PSO3
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge in Mathematics appreciating the connections between theory and its applications.
  • PSO4
  • Demonstrate their mathematical modelling ability, problem solving skills, creative talent and power of communication necessary for various kinds of employment.
  • PSO5
  • Develop mathematical aptitude and the ability to think abstractly
  • PSO6
  • Learn independently and improve one’s performance.
  • PSO7
  • Students are equipped to appear competitive examinations.

Program Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the B.Sc.Mathematics(C.A) program.

  • PO1
  • Students are empowered with analytical and logical skills to formulate results and construct mathematical argument.
  • PO2
  • Ability to organize, analyze and interpret data accurately in academic and non -academic context.
  • PO3
  • Demonstrate effective communication of mathematical ideas and creative thinking skills to facilitate solving real world problems as a team and independently.
  • PO4
  • Appreciate and identify the connections between mathematics and other disciplines.
  • PO5
  • Competency to obtain employment in education, public and private sectors.
  • PO6
  • Identify the area of interest for extended learning from the understanding gained from the domain and allied areas of Mathematics.
  • PO7
  • Develop mathematical aptitude, programming skills and make critical observations.
  • PO8
  • Garner innovative ideas to face global challenges.
  • PO9
  • In still a sense of responsibility in tackling professional and social issues ethically.
  • P010
  • Trigger their passion for research in unexplored areas of Mathematics.

Mr. J. Ganesh Sivakumar,
Head of the Department

  Department of Mathematics

  SMS College of Arts and Science,
  Perur Main Road,
  Coimbatore - 641010
Ms. R.Geetha, Assistant Professor,

  Department of Mathematics

   SMS College of Arts and Science,
  Perur Main Road,
  Coimbatore - 641010
  Mobile: 9952359889
Ms. S. Iswariya, Assistant Professor,

  Department of Mathematics

   SMS College of Arts and Science,
  Perur Main Road,
  Coimbatore - 641010
  Mobile: 8489140324

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