Centre for Faculty Development Programme

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To enrich and enhance the academic development of faculty in the expertise field. In addition, the faculty members can observe recent attributes of the impact of Science and Technology. To enhance the teaching ability by using modern tools and technological innovations in the day – to – day – life to be well recognized, and to know the corresponding changes in the use of new technologies, like Learning Management System (LMS), for teaching learning and governance.


  •              Name
  •              Designation
  •              Nature
  • Mr. J. Ganesh Sivakumar
  • Head, Department of Mathematics
  •              Coordinator
  • Mr. S. Dhanaraj
  • Head, Department of Computer Science
  •              Member
  • Dr. S. Shobana
  • Head, Department of Commerce and Management 
  •              Member                                                                                            
  • Dr. G.M. A. Christy
  • Head, Department of English
  •              Member
  • Mrs. G. Manoprabha
  • Head, Department of CDF
  •              Member

Functions of CFD

  • To prepare structured schedule for Faculty Development Program.
  • To arrange export meets to know the usage of modern tools of teaching.
  • To arrange FDPs on Outcome Based Education (OBE).
  • Arranging Workshop and Hands on Training.
  • Refresher and Orientation Program.
  • Faculty Knowledge Forum.
  • Micro Teaching.

      Tenure    : 2 Years

      Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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