The concept of teaching and learning is becoming structured, accountable and omnipresent. This is particularly important for Institutions attempting to achieve excellence. Respected as one of the best LMS platforms, CAMU Learning Management System (LMS) goes beyond being an interactive tool between teachers and students. Due to COVID'19 pandemic situation, it offers an online system that enables you to track, monitor and measure course delivery, teacher and student progress to meet all compliance required for accreditation. CAMU has one of the most sophisticated learning management systems for Higher Education Institution and Universities. CAMU LMS software will help you achieve full academic governance online.

An online solution that can be fully accessed from a mobile app, CAMU LMS makes academic governance easier to manage. Reports can be instantly generated for every activity to offer actionable insights for course correction.

Stay connected with our Institution even when we are away from it. Click on the mobile app and voila, we are in class! CAMU virtual classrooms take attendance to a different level of emphasis. Students can self-mark their presence on the mobile app, which teachers can confirm. Teaching quality can be monitored by measuring various parameters. Generate in-depth reports immediately after the session to check the number of classes conducted, monitor attendance, investigate absenteeism, and confirm the number of classes conducted. CAMU LMS helps to maintain our Institution's standards.

Teaching is no more confined to class hours and is now an open, interactive, collaborative process. Create chat rooms and voice messages to update students on academic and non-academic activities. Automate alerts for grades, important announcements, changes in lecture schedules and reminders for submissions. Create a poll or quiz to get feedback and modify teaching method for better learner engagement. Share lecture notes or teaching content for better student success.

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