Center for Performing Arts (CPA)

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This Center is established to support a holistic development of students' creativity and artistic talents. In the modern digital world, activities devised by this Centre is a therapy to reduce the stress among the students, this Centre focuses in diverting the students’ mind in a productive manner. The Centre activities support in the development of intellectual, emotional and moral development of the students.


  •              Name
  •              Designation
  •              Nature
  • Mrs. J. Anitha
  • Assistant Professor Commerce
  •              Coordinator
  • Ms. Jenifer Steffi
  • Assistant Professor Mathematics
  •              Member
  • Ms. R. Rethiga
  • Assistant Professor Tamil
  •              Member
  • Ms. T. Poongodi
  • Assistant Professor Social Work
  •              Member
  • Ms. A.V. Devika
  • Assistant Professor Psychology
  •              Member
  • Ms. Krishna Priya P B
  • Assistant Professor Visual Communication
  •              Member                                                                               
  • Mr. Nandakumar M
  • Assistant Professor Visual Communication
  •              Member                                                                               
  • Mr. Kaviyarasan D
  • Assistant Professor Visual Communication
  •              Member                                                                               

Functions of CFD:

  • Identifying the talents of the students at the commencement of the first-year classes.
  • To explore the talents of students in dance, Music, Rangoli, Photography, Drawing, Speech, Poetry Writing, Debate, Interior Design and etc.,
  • Organizing Flash Mob during important day celebrations
  • Encourage students to participate in Inter/Intra collegiate cultural competitions
  • The clubs of Music, Drama, Debate, Rangoli, Photography, Interior design and Drawing activities will be monitored by CPA.

      Tenure: 2 Years

      Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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