Centre for Training, Placement and Corporate Relations

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To ‘Transform students into employable, future ready, global resources’ by providing training to the students for enhancing their skills from campus to corporate by ensuring better placements and better fit to Industry.


  •              Name
  •              Designation
  •              Nature
  • Mr. Joe Infant Raj
  • Placement Coordinator
  •              Coordinator
  • Mrs. J. Anitha
  • Assistant Professor of Commerce
  •              Member
  • Ms. Virgina
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  •              Member
  • Mrs. Jenifer Steffi
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  •              Member
  • Ms. T. Poongodi
  • Assistant Professor of Social work
  •              Member
  • Mrs. R. Rethiga
  • Assistant Professor Tamil
  •              Member
  • Mr. Nandakumar M
  • Assistant Professor Visual Communication
  •              Member                                                                               
  • Mrs. Devika AV
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  •              Member
  • Mrs. Mrs. V. Mareeswari
  • Assistant Professor of English
  •              Member


  • Targeting and achieving preferred career choices and challenging final placements through right networking.
  • Promotes extra-certifications acquisition by students through Coursera, edX, SWAYAM Courses.
  • Arranges training facilities in the area of soft skills, arranging workshops, seminars, colloquiums, competitions etc. to enhance the experiential ambience of industry to the      students.
  • To arrange industrial institutional interface and promote signing MoU’s.
  • To provide in-plant training at industries and to identify student representatives, and to encourage team spirit and team work among the students.
  • To register the qualified students for training and sharpen the ‘skills to fit the need of the industry’.

      Tenure    : 2 Years

      Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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