Centre for Research and Development (CRD)

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The aim of CRD is to inculcate a research environment and culture by promoting research activities such as research projects, publications, research consultancy and training.


  •              Name
  •              Designation
  •              Nature
  • Dr. D. Kokila
  • Head, Department of Social Work
  •              Convener
  • Dr. S. Shobana
  • Head, Department of Commerce and Management
  •              Member                                                                               
  • Dr. G. M. A. Christy
  • Head, Department of English
  •              Member
  • Mr. S. Dhanaraj
  • Head, Department of Computer Science
  •              Member
  • Dr. T. Sumathi
  • Assistant Professor Commerce
  •              Member
  • Dr. A. Edwin Robert
  • Assistant Professor Computer Science
  •              Member
  • Dr. Balaji S
  • Assistant Professor Commerce
  •              Member
  • Dr. M. Vasuhi
  • Associate Professor commerce
  •              Member

Functions of CFD

  • To take up research proposal and project of Government and Non-governmental organization.
  • To take up surveys and studies for the institutional and societal developmental activities.
  • To conduct training programmes for students, teachers, administrative staff and professionals in various fields to inculcate research culture.
  • To support the students and research scholars to use the appropriate methodology in their research studies.
  • To conduct seminars and workshops to familiarize the emerging areas of knowledge to the research in the respective areas.
  • To take high quality research relevant to the need of the nation and local community.
  • To do more inter disciplinary research activities.
  • To generate funds through sponsored projects and consultancy services.
  • To keep the faculty aware of the latest developments in their respective areas of specialization.
  • To disseminate research findings through conferences/ seminars and workshops etc.

      Tenure    : 2 Years

      Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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