Website Committees

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To maintain the technical aspects of the Website and maintain an evolving, user-friendly website that promotes SMSCAS and facilitates College services.


  • Name
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Representative Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing


  • Reports and make recommendations to the website developers.
  • Develops and recommend web related policies and standards.
  • Oversees the Design and Underlying Technology.
  • Ensures the website stays current with new technology/trends.
  • Uses data collected to guide the framework and infrastructure of the college website.
  • Creates guiding principles to steer the framework and infrastructure decisions of the college website.
  • Works with Information Technology Services to set timelines for web engine upgradation and for new website deployments.
  • Regularly assess the design of the website and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Coordinates with graphic designer to update website’s images and graphics.
  • Creates web engine compatible design prototypes based on collected feedback.
  • Serves as the liaison between Information Technology Services, management and department.
  • Identifies and advocates web needs and services for the college community.
  • Assign a core team of members to maintain a calendar of events and time-sensitive information or announcements throughout the college website.

Tenure     :  2 Years

Meetings :  At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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