Women Empowerment Committee (WEC)

read our Women Empowerment Committee (WEC)


As per the order of the supreme court in the year 2004, this committee was formulated to empower and protect of women students.


  • Name
  • Designation
  • Nature
  • Head, Department of Commerce and Management
  • Coordinator
  • Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science
  • Member


  • To nurture the entrepreneurial skill workshops, hand on training and seminars to be conducted
  • Organizing various activities such as lectures, seminars, movies, panel discussions, elocution, role plays, games etc., promoting gender equality and gender amity and       women empowerment
  • To conduct Self Defense training.
  • To conduct gender sensitization programme for the Prevention and Prohibition of gender-based violence.
  • Organizing programmes which bring about attitudinal and other changes for effective participation of women from all levels.

      Tenure: 2 Years

      Meetings: At least twice in a Semester and record minutes of the same and submit a copy to the IQAC.

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