5 Highest Salary Jobs after Pursuing BSc in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is concerned with creating machines that can think similarly to human brains. Not only has it simplified the production, decision-making, and automation process, but it has also brought revolutionary changes in industries like IT & technology. And BSc in artificial intelligence is a course that will stay in demand in the coming decades as it has become very complex & difficult for companies to analyze big data & make decisions manually. This is the reason they employ artificial intelligence professionals with lucrative pay packages.

Do you know which are the top 5 highest paying artificial intelligence jobs after BSc? If not, then scroll and read this blog post.

BSc in Artificial Intelligence

BSc in artificial intelligence is an undergraduate course that focuses on teaching students advanced technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and artificial cognition. This course enables students to develop, supervise, and manage smart machines or applications.

BSc AI Eligibility Criteria

Below mentioned is the eligibility criteria for BSc AI:

  • Applicants must have completed the class 10+2 level examination with a science stream.
  • Applicants must have scored a minimum percentage of 50% in class 12th from a recognized board of education.
Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 3 Years
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 with science stream
Examination Type Semester-based
Average Course Fee INR 60,000 to 2 lakhs
Higher Studies MSc, B.Ed, MBA, etc.

What is BSc Artificial Intelligence Syllabus?

The syllabus of BSc Artificial Intelligence at SMS College of Arts & Science is designed by experts so that students can have a detailed understanding of artificial intelligence concepts.

Semester 1 English Data structures Discrete Mathematics Environmental studies C++
Semester 2 Java Programming Applied mathematics English-2 Internet basics lab Value education-human rights
Semester 3 Fuzzy logic & neural networks Python programming lab Programming in Python Design & analysis of algorithms Internet of things
Semester 4 R Programming Machine learning-basics Artificial intelligence & knowledge representation Capstone project work Tamil/General Awareness
Semester 5 Machine learning techniques Deep learning Machine learning lab Ethical hacking Electives 1 – Business data analytics/software agents/social network analysis
Semester 6 Natural language processing Natural language processing lab Capstone project work – phase 2 Electives 2 – Web application security/Fundamentals of robotics/Artificial neural networks & fuzzy systems Electives 3 – Embedded systems/open-source software/principles of secure coding

5 Highest Salary Jobs after Pursuing BSc in Artificial Intelligence

BSc in Artificial Intelligence is a great way to get ahead in today’s tech-driven world. Learn about the 5 highest salary jobs available to you after graduating, including Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and Robotics Engineer.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

Engineers that specialize in machine learning conduct research, create, and construct the AI that powers this technology. They keep up with and enhance current AI systems.

A machine learning engineer frequently works with the data scientists who create the models for creating AI systems as a liaison with other members of the data science team. They carry out statistical analysis, undertake trials and tests, and create machine learning systems.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists are analytical professionals that evaluate and interpret data to find answers to challenging issues. To find answers to business problems, they utilize industry expertise, contextual awareness, and skepticism of preconceived notions.

Data scientists are employed in a range of sectors, including government, manufacturing, healthcare, research institutions, and tech companies.

3. Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers are highly demanded in various industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, defense, medicine, etc. Their demand is continuously increasing because they create robotic systems/robots that help humans to perform repetitive tasks.

Some robotics engineers work on-site at a production facility supervising the creation of robots while others keep an eye on how they perform in the actual world.

4. Software Developer

The creative and inventive geniuses behind software programs are software developers. The majority of their work is devoted to designing and developing software for end users. While some software engineers concentrate on creating particular programs and apps, others create the underlying system that supports these programs and applications.

5. Business Intelligence Developer

Organizations employ business intelligence developers as they gather, analyze, and interpret useful data into simpler terms for the organization. They also act like technology experts and aid in the repair or restoration of computer programs used for intelligence.

Why SMS College of Arts & Science is the best college to study BSc in Artificial Intelligence?

  • Fully-equipped library with eminent authors’ books and laboratories with modern tools and equipment help students in doing research and experimentation.
  • To nurture students with technical skills, we have employed faculty members that are trained and experts in their respective fields.
  • BSc AI course syllabus follows a blended learning approach, which is a perfect balance between the theoretical and practical learning of AI concepts.
  • The training and placement cell of our college looks after the placement of our students. Some of our top recruiters include Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Cognizant, Capgemini, TCS, etc.

Final words

Artificial Intelligence is a suitable course for those who are interested in computer sciences and want to make a career in a futuristic industry. BSc in Artificial Intelligence offers scope in different industries, providing economic stability and prospects for lifelong learning. To set yourself up for success as a global leader, get a degree that is benchmarked to international norms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the salary of BSc artificial intelligence jobs?
According to Ambition Box, the salary of BSc artificial intelligence jobs ranges from 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum. And the average salary earned by these graduates is 7 lakhs per annum.

2. What is the scope of BSc artificial intelligence?
The scope of artificial intelligence is very broad. There is a growing need for artificial intelligence professionals in the health, manufacturing, cyber security, and agriculture sector to develop expert systems, computer vision, robotics, speech recognition technologies, etc.

3. What are BSc artificial intelligence subjects?
BSc artificial intelligence includes subjects such as machine learning, data science, deep learning, big data, mathematics, programming languages, etc.

4. Who is the father of artificial intelligence?
Geoffery Hinton, a Cambridge University graduate, is considered one of the pioneers and influential figures in the field of artificial intelligence.

5. How does artificial intelligence work?
Artificial intelligence works by using intelligent algorithms, quick iterative processing, and analyzing vast amounts of data to automatically learn from patterns or characteristics in the data.