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Exploring a suitable academic choice in the science field requires immense interest and further higher education in the chosen field requires a lot of effort. If you are someone with a keen interest in any science discipline and feeling the urge to educate and establish your career in your interested science field, then taking up an MSc (Master of Science) degree will do justice. MSc is offered in a wide range of specializations and each MSc specialization has its own career value.

This article will help you know about the various MSc specialization courses offered by SMS College of Arts and Science and its career scope for choosing the right one for your career.

Know about the course, Master of Science:

M Sc courses are courses that have a high rate of enrollment compared to other postgraduate courses in India. This is because this course in any chosen discipline offers a stronghold in the field for a career as it educates advanced concepts and practices.

Here are the MSc Course details in general:

Course Description:

Master of Science is a postgraduate course that offers advanced education in any chosen science discipline. This course inculcates deeper knowledge in the chosen science field and provides hands-on training for the students to establish a strong career.

M Sc Course Duration is 2 years which is modelled to have 4 semesters.

Eligibility Criteria:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue MSc are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed a UG degree relevant to the chosen MSc Specialisation at any recognized educational institution.
  • Candidates should have secured at least 50% aggregate marks in the UG degree.

Admission to the MSc course is subject to the chosen college and we at SMS College of Arts and Science provide admissions based on the guidelines of the Tamil Nadu Government.

MSc Specialisation offered in SMS College of Arts and Science:

SMS College of Arts and Science offers two most demanded MSc Specialisation namely:

  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Computer Science

Here is a detailed view of the above course details:

MSc Information Technology:

The MSc Information Technology course is designed with an MSc Syllabus that educates advanced concepts of programming, software engineering, data structures, etc.

At SMS College of Arts and Science, MSc Fee for Information Technology is INR 20,000 per year.

Take a look into the MSc subjects in Information Technology:

Semester I Semester II
Fundamentals of IT & Programming Operating Systems
Data & File Structures Database Management System (DBMS)
Object – Oriented Programming Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Software Engineering Data Communication & Networking
Semester III Semester IV
Web Technologies Cyber Security
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Software Architecture
Network Security Managing Big Data
Open Source System Project

MSc Degree Subjects in Information Technology are curated to prepare students for an established career in the various fields connected to the IT sector.

A wide range of job roles are available after MSc Specialisation in Information Technology. Top companies such as Accenture, Infosys, TCS, Google India, etc hire MSc IT professionals for the following roles:

MSc IT Job Roles Average Salary in INR
IT Analyst 5 LPA
Network Planning Manager 4.5 LPA
Application Programmer 5 LPA
Software Developer 4 LPA
Technical Operations Analyst 3.5 LPA

MSc Computer Science:

MSc Computer Science is designed to train students in the various aspects of the computer science field such as computer architecture, programming, computer graphics, data structures, etc.

At SMS College of Arts and Science, MSc Course Fees for Computer Science are INR 20,000 per year.

Take a look into the MSc subjects in Computer Science:

Semester I Semester II
System Software Advanced Programming Language
Language Structure Data Structure using C
File Organisation and DBMS Computer Organisation and Architecture
Design and Analysis of the Algorithm Microprocessor and Application
Semester III Semester IV
Computer Graphics Operating System
Advanced Computer Applications Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Data Networking  
System Analysis and Design  

These subjects together impart great knowledge to survive in the computer industry and here are the various job roles after MSc Specialization in Computer Science:

MSc CS Job Roles The average salary in INR
Web Developer 3.43 LPA
Software Engineer 11.00 LPA
UI/UX Developer 5.15 LPA
Computer Systems Engineer 5.08 LPA
Computer Hardware Engineer 6.00 LPA
System Database Administrator 7.35 LPA
System Designer 7.36 LPA
Computer Operator 2.1 LPA
Research Analyst 4.5 LPA
Programmer 6.00 LPA
Application Developer 7.00 LPA

A much more range of MSc Specialization is provided in other colleges, but we provide the most demanded MSc Specializations.

A simple guide to choosing the right MSc Specialization:

Choosing the right MSc Specialization is very important as it can determine the strength of your career. Here are simple steps that will help you in choosing the right MSc specialization:

Step 1: Find out the various MSc options available after your BSc degree.
Step 2: Analyze the list of MSc Specialisations you have.
Step 3: Identify your interested sets of MSc specialization.
Step 4: Check for syllabus, career scope, and fees for your desirable MSc choices.
Step 5: Based on the available data and information, finalize the right MSc specialization for you.

Why choose SMS College of Arts and Science for your MSc Specialisation Course?

Here are the reasons for you to choose us, SMS College of Arts and Science for your MSc specialization courses:

  • Remarkably Outstanding Course Structure.
  • Highly Qualified Faculties.
  • Well Equipped Lab and Practice Areas.
  • Sound Infrastructure
  • Practical Education Methodology
  • Placement Support and Training


Pursuing an MSc specialization is an added advantage when it comes to establishing a career in the science field. Taking up your desired MSc degree in a top college like ours will help you land top career positions in the future.


1. How do I choose a specialization for Masters?

To choose a specialization for Masters, one has to analyze the eligibility criteria, syllabus, difficulty, areas of recruitment, job roles, scope in India and abroad, salary scale after degree, etc.

2. How do I choose my specialisation?

List out the suitable Msc specializations after Bsc; analyze each one for its syllabus, difficulty, and career scope; and then finalize your specialization.

3. What is MSc specialisation?

MSc Specialization is a postgraduate course in any chosen science discipline such as Information Technology, Computer Science, electronics, etc.

4. Can I do MSc along with my job?

One can do MSc along with a job by opting for a part-time MSc or online MSc or distance learning MSc based on their convenience.