bsc artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have now turned into an integrated component, and together making a huge leap forward in the global market. Significantly growing, the Artificial intelligence industry holds a global market value of USD 136.55 billion in 2022. With the latest trends such as ChatGPT, edge AI, Cybersecurity AI, and much more, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industry is making great progress thus expanding the career opportunities for graduates with a degree majorly BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This article will provide insight into the course BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the career options after completing the course.

Insight into the course, BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Top colleges like ours, SMS College of Arts and Science provide remarkable BSc AI and Machine Learning degrees for students. This degree has great value as most of industries have now embarked on innovation with AI support.

Here are the course details of the BSc in Artificial Intelligence:

Course Description:

BSc AI and ML courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge about the artificial intelligence and machine learning facets in the technological arena of the world. This course is an undergraduate course and is provided for three years.

This course culminates both classroom and practical field learning experiences for students to shine in their careers.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a BSc Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age and a maximum of 25 years of age at the time of admission.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 from any recognized educational institution.
  • Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in 10+2.

Admission to BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at SMS College of Arts and Science is provided as per the guidelines of the Tamilnadu Government.

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BSc Artificial Intelligence Syllabus:

Here is the list of BSc Artificial Intelligence subjects:

Semester I Semester II
Language I Language II
English I English II
Object Oriented Programming with C++ Java Programming
Programming Lab C++ Programming Lab Java
Data Structures Internet Basics Lab
Discrete Mathematics Applied Mathematics
Environmental Studies Human Rights
Semester III Semester IV
Programming in Python Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation
Python Programming Lab R Programming
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks R Programming Lab
Design and Analysis of the Algorithm Machine Learning – Basics
Internet of Things Capstone Project Work (Based on AI and ML)
Non-major Elective I Non-Major Elective
Semester V Semester VI
Machine Learning Techniques Natural Language Processing 
Machine Learning Lab Natural Language Processing Lab
Deep Learning Project Work Lab
Elective I – Business Data Analytics / Social Network Analysis / Software Agents Elective II – Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems / Web Application Security / Fundamentals of Robotics
Ethical Hacking Elective III – Embedded Systems / Principles of Secure Coding / Open Source Software
Capstone Project Phase II
Extension Activities

Career Prospects after Bachelor of Science in AI & ML:

The Artificial Intelligence industry is rapidly expanding at a faster pace and is expected to reach a global value of USD 1,811.8 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 37.3%.

This significant expansion of the artificial intelligence industry has evolved with a variety of job opportunities for BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning graduates.

Artificial Intelligence has got career scope worldwide with many top countries effectively indulging in creating much upgraded AI and ML facilities, thus paving the way for a new range of career opportunities. Take a look at the different countries’ GDP getting its value from AI:

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Source: Forbes

Artificial Intelligence has its applications in a wide range of industries thus offering a variety of career options for AI & ML professionals with notable salary scales. Some of the AI industry verticals are as follows:

AI and Data Science Industry Verticals:

  • Healthcare
  • BFSI
  • Law
  • Retail
  • Advertising & Media
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Gaming Industries

Let us explore the job roles available after an AI & ML degree.

Job roles for artificial intelligence and data science engineers:

Here is the list of jobs that are available in different AI and data science verticals and their average BSc Artificial Intelligence salary in India and abroad:

Job Roles Average Salary in India(INR) Average Salary Abroad(considered US/USD)
Computer Vision Engineer 6.9 LPA 120,847
Data Analyst 6.24 LPA 70,676
Data Scientist 7.3 LPA 124,693
Data Engineer 8.4 LPA 128,631
Machine Learning Engineer 6.7 LPA 150,186
Big Data Architect 24 LPA 160,149
Business Intelligence Developer 6.3 LPA 100,635
Robotics Programmer 3.45 LPA 75,689
Software Engineer 6.94 LPA 108,807
Information and Multimedia Designer 3.5 LPA 56,792
Medical Information Scientist  5.0 LPA 103,784
IT Specialist 7 LPA 58,700
Information Network Manager 7.88 LPA 85,892

Top companies in India that hire BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning graduates:

Government recruiting organizations Private recruiting companies
  • BHEL
  • ONGC
  • SAIL
  • ISRO
  • NHPC
  • HDFC Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Tata Consultancy
  • Wipro
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini
  • Ernst & Young
  • Microsoft
  • HCL Technologies
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Genpact

As a whole, it is clear that the career scope for BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is remarkably flourishing and the demand keeps rising with increasing innovations such as ChatGPT, Healthcare AI, etc.


Exploring the career scope for BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has provided a vivid conclusion that it holds excellent career potential. Stepping up into the AI industry with a BSc AI & ML degree will surely take the students to a whole new level of career positions in various fields.


1. What can I do with a bachelor degree in artificial intelligence?

With a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, one can either pursue higher studies such as MSc or take up jobs in various fields such as healthcare, cybersecurity, the communication sector, etc.

2. What is the career of AI and ML?

Career in AI and ML is so diverse that it offers job opportunities in various industries such as healthcare, BFSI, agriculture, manufacturing, cybersecurity, etc.

3. What is the future scope of AI and ML?

The future scope of AI and ML is immense due to the upcoming trends such as ChatGPT, AI in Healthcare, AI in Cybersecurity, etc.

4. Which job has highest salary in AI?

Big Data Architect is the job that has the highest average salary of 24 LPA in the Artificial Intelligence industry.